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Our vision is to inspire and foster self-belief, courage and motivation to excel in life, and ignite the awesome in everyone.


Jen McCrea

Founder & Champion of Change

Jen is committed to building a community that empowers others to step into their power; providing ways to learn and connect with like-minded people and mentors.
Jen is a Speaker, Author, Coach & Champion of Change dedicated to helping clients gain the confidence, clarity & capabilities to live a more fulfilled life. You could say, she is a Happiness Facilitator and Life Enthusiast!

Jen ‘s Career Highlights

Coaching & Empowerment Facilitation

Jen has delivered 1,500+ one-to-one coaching sessions and 200+ professional development seminars globally. She has lived and worked in 7 countries and been employed by Fortune 500 companies, Not for Profits, Universities and SME’s. Her roles have included leadership, change management, people management and project management positions. Her skillset includes devising successful strategies, exceeding targets, conflict resolution, negotiation and developing effective relationships.

People & Project Management

Jen has been responsible for empowering and supporting 5,000+ students across two university campuses heading up the leadership, career development, mentoring, volunteering and elite athlete programs, and the very important health and wellbeing services. The university was ranked #1 in New South Wales (NSW), Australia for graduate employability and ranked #1 in NSW for Learner Engagement and Skills Development (Federal Government QUILT Survey, 2019).

Global Business Education

Jen has excelled in international recruitment management since 2008, having been a recruiter for the IT & Technology space in Australia, as well as travelling to 20+ countries for two major universities, exceeding recruitment targets for one of the top MBA programs in Australia.

Champion of Change

In England, Jen worked for a Not for Profit, delivering social enterprise education to 2,000 high school students, empowering them to make a positive impact to their local communities. This resulted in a National “Working in the Community” award, by the Learning Skills Council, UK.
As a passionate advocate for diversity, equality and inclusion, Jen helped coordinate a 3-day Leadership Development Institute, for 1,000+ indigenous young people, resulting in the largest gathering of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university students in the history of Australia.

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